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STRATEGIC FUN yeah, we know... it sounds like jargon, but it's real. 

As George Dorsey once penned, "Play is the beginning of knowledge."

While The Ruse escape room scenarios are meticulously designed for fun, that’s certainly not all. It’s no secret that utilizing employee strengths more effectively = a stronger business. That’s why our environments are deliberately built to emphasize teamwork, creativity, role assignment, fluid communication, and flexibility in problem solving. Our puzzles engage and draw upon the many different types of intelligence present within good teams. The fact of the matter is this: there’s no way to escape these rooms within an hour without collaboration. Just like your business, it’s sink or swim when it comes to the group’s ability to work together. 



The conference room at The Ruse offers a beautiful, comfortable and streamlined meeting space with full audio/visual capabilities. Let us take care of the  details so you can focus on the things that matter most,  your team and your business.


Our escape rooms offer a lot of opportunities for intuitive learning, but translating those experiences into real-world practices can sometimes require a little help. Because of that, The Ruse offers parallel facilitation courses led by professional coaches in the field. To take a look at all the options, click below. 


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