What is The Ruse?

The Ruse is a new form of high-energy active entertainment. Our goal is to engage our guests in interactive fun by building aesthetically immersive worlds that tell a story. The premise is this: Your team will race against the clock (60 minutes) to "escape" the room by solving engaging puzzles and challenges that promote creative thinking, teamwork, and communication.


How much does it cost?

Social Booking - $30 per person

  • ideal for groups of 2 - 7 people 
  • with this option, you'll be paired with other small groups (when possible) to escape together
  • max room capacity is 8 players. We try not to cram people in so that every member of the team is really involved for maximum fun

Private Booking - $220 for the entire room

  • ideal for groups of 3-8 people
  • with this option you'll reserve the entire room to see if your party can escape on your own

Head-to-Head Booking - $440 for two entire rooms

  • Ideal for groups of 6 - 16 people
  • with this option you'll privately book 2 identical rooms to race each other and the clock


Bookings occur online via this website — all major credit cards accepted. 

If you can strap your kid to you, they’re free!


What time should I be there?

Your session will start at the time noted in your reservation, but make sure your whole party arrives at least 10 minutes early to check in!


Do you allow cancellations?

Due to the nature of our business, all bookings are final and cannot be refunded. However, reservations may be moved to another date or time with 72 hrs notice.


How do I get to The Ruse? Where do I park?

We are located at 25 S. Division Ave. on the corner of Division and Weston. There is metered street parking available nearby on Weston St. SW and on Commerce Ave. SW. All meters take coins or you can use the handy ParkMobile app — more info here. All metered parking is free after 6pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. There is also the Weston Ramp across the street for covered parking which costs $4 for 2 hours. This ramp accepts cash and cards. For more info on how to get around in GR check this.


Can I book a private room?

Sure! Groups of up to 8 people can book an entire room.  Just select the "private booking" option here after selecting a room.  You'll save $20 off a full room of "social bookings".  If you're really feeling the spirit, your group can book two identical rooms and race against the clock and each other with our head-to-head booking option.


Who can participate?

In general, anyone! However, we recommend our rooms for ages 13 and up. Minors (anyone under 18) must be accompanied by a legal guardian. Our puzzles are designed for adults, but kids can contribute to certain tasks with guidance from a guardian.


Do I need any special skills?

No, our rooms are designed to challenge multiple skill sets so teams who have diverse problem solving skills will be most successful.


ADA Accessibility

At The Ruse we believe that everybody should be included when it comes to having a good time. We work hard to insure that The Ruse is a 100% ADA compliant street-level facility. 


Wait a minute, I read all that and you still didn't answer my question!

Listen — take a couple deep breathes and give us a call or email via the contact information below.  We look forward to hearing from you!